Issue No. 5

I definitely feel like m-flo lost a little bit of their lyrical depth as they’ve moved away from the m-flo loves… series; from talking honestly about love/relationships and callbacks to VERBAL’s faith to something a lot less substantive. Example:

Life Is Beautiful (2004)

Sound effects spark imaginations, every syllable
Is crisp and clear, once upon a time I felt like God was light years away
But He said 「FEAR NO MAN」then my eyes opened
Forget the lies of deceiving mouths
and rise from the dark to see the light

To this:

Das Dance (2013)

(They can’t get enough) ladies jumpin’ up and showin’ hosieries
(They can’t get enough) they touch my shirt sayin’ they like the embroideries
Girls shakin’ their body parts, showin’ off their body arts
Unicorns on mushrooms drinking water… what the fu–?

What I also love about m-flo is/was their extensive use of codeswitching. I always thought it was different from the the usual throwing in of English phrases/words within other Japanese songs. They played a lot with language For SQUARE ONE and NEVEN it feels like they’ve almost completely switched to English lyrics. I don’t want to say they’ve lost their lyrical poignancy with the switch, it’s just that with changing trends they’ve adjusted their lyrics to fit this lack of substance. They just aren’t able to tap into that cleverness, anymore — when they can, those moments are rare:

No Way (2013)

Iranian, Malaysian, everybody jumping up and down
in the 50,000 stadium
Ain’t hard to tell
I’mma Funky Homo Sapien
thought my name was Del
got a thousand alias’

But, bad lyrics or not, still gonna listen to their music though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯