Everything happens so much.


I’ve had this post typed up for ages but struggled to come up with a title or a concrete reason for sharing it other than, “this week was totally boss.” And when something great happens to you, you naturally want to talk about it! Maybe. Yes? Well, I do.

The catalyst for the crazy was that something I never believed would happen to me actually happened to me. I don’t want to say it was bad because I can look back at it and laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of it all, but at the time it was a pretty intense couple of hours. I mean, I thought not being able to go to EVO was bad, but this series of events just had me WTF-ing with my entire body and soul and whisper screaming into the night. Ultimately, things worked out fabulously and I owe it to just a couple of things…

Aggressive Karaoke

For a while I’ve been really indifferent towards Kendrick Lamar and all his features on songs I’ve heard here and there. Then about three weeks ago I discovered “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” and… I actually really liked it. Woah! Then I listened to the rest of his album, and somehow I became a moderate fan over the course of two weeks. Right now I’ve been really into the remix featuring Jay-Z (excuse me, Jay Z) and I’ve been overcome by the urge to master and memorize all of K.Dot’s masterful verses.

(It’s an easy way to impress your friends, too: “Trinidad James hit four weeks, but now my album platinum and shit— so what?”)

Talking a lot, maybe too much

I staged impromptu brunches and Facebook chats and probably talked it to death, but speaking about “it” more helps me to think about “it” less. It also makes you feel warm and fuzzy when you know that people have your back when someone does you real dirty!

Robots v. Kaiju

I decided to treat myself (OK OK I had time to kill & nobody wanted to see this with me, THEIR LOSS) and watch Pacific Rim. I don’t want to say it was everything I’ve ever dreamed of and more, but when I was watching Crimson Typhoon get into Thundercloud Formation against a kaiju, it kind of was. Pacific Rim was hella ridiculous in the best of ways. I’m not sure if I teared up because of Ashida Mana’s performance or the B.O. from the guy sitting directly in front of me, but I do know for a fact both were powerful.

Glow-in-the-dark FPS

Who knew that laser tag is actually a lot like League of Legends? Maybe not all that similar, but a friend and I kept calling the enemy crystals at the base turrets. I’m still really proud of ranking in the top ten in PvE… and I’m never throwing away my score card for that round (hah).


$1 tacos forever.

8 comments on “Everything happens so much.

  1. susan w says:

    I think THIS WEEK WAS TOTALLY BOSS should have still been the post title.

    “Aggressive karaoke” is now my newest favorite phrase and shall be used to describe all future karaoke experiences.

    UGHHH I still haven’t seen Pacific Rim and now it’s become the age old problem of “I DONT HAVE ANYONE TO SEE THIS MOVIE WITH ME BUT IDW TO GO ALONE EITHER.” laughing so hard right now at both were powerful. slayed.

    Always wanted to play laser tag – was this your first time? What’s the level of alertness necessary?? I’m always afraid I would just go “what” and lose in under 10 minutes.

    1. It’s the only way to karaoke!! And aggressive dance moves are mandatory.

      IT WAS THE WORST because I had to switch seats three times and I could still smell that neckbeard potpourri wafting towards me……………

      YES, it was my first time! It does require some degree of alertness (it’s dark, and at this place we were going up and down a series of ramps in a maze/tower-like structure), but I think after a couple rounds your eyes definitely adjust and you can formulate better strategies/alliances with people hahah.

  2. shucookies says:

    Boss weeks are awesome :D
    D’aw Seeing movies alone should be more of a thing. Yeah it seems lonerish but it’s so awesome when you pick the right session where there’s no one but you (lol happens often where I am) then it’s like you own the place :D

    The Pacific Rim sound track was so boss, I think I’m going to need to buy the cd…

    1. shucookies says:


      1. Crossing my fingers for a 2014 trip!

    2. There’s something oddly soothing about seeing a movie by yourself? It’s like finding peace in your own solitude in the form of a film, lolz.

      The soundtrack was really good! It really amped up the intensity of the movie for me.

  3. it’s so heartwarming to know that somewhere someone’s week was just A++ ~.~

    i work next to a movie theater and i have no idea why i haven’t taken advantage of that. probably cause i’m too cheap. probably cause i’m too tired. probably both.

    1. Trust me, seeing a movie by yourself is an instant mood booster. I hear you on it being expensive though. I only go during matinee/early hours.

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