Summer ’18, Part 2

RE: my viewing habits—

Despite feeling pleased with the quality of dramas I saw last year, I was pretty discouraged when I saw that my yearly drama count went from 34 to only 19. I haven’t been watching much lately, so I thought maybe I was becoming picky or there just wasn’t much to watch.

Looking at what I finished, I know that isn’t the case. 2017 had a lot of good dramas I missed! And looking back at my yearly roundup posts, I realized something very important… I’ve always watched dramas less dramas during school. The only time I really ramped up my viewing habits was when I was on a school break, like now.

For k-dramas I do generally prefer to watch live/normally because the series/episodes are way too long for me to ever want to watch otherwise. Seriously, when’s the last time I ever watched an OLDER k-drama? There’s a reason why I still haven’t finished Misty! J-dramas are short, sweet, and easy to finish within a day or two. So I actually think it’s better for me to wait until an extended break for me to watch whatever I want rather than feeling overwhelmed and ultimately discouraged when I end up dropping everything and watching nothing, lol.

Spoiler free reviews on Kangoku no Ohime-sama, Totsuzen desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu, Okusama wa, Toriatsukai Chuui, Okaasan, Musume wo Yamete Ii desu ka? after the jump.

Summer ’18, Part 1???

omfg I can’t believe I missed doing a spring roundup post. Real talk, I was not watching any dramas in the spring, which is a bummer to think about since I’m just wasting money on my DramaFever subscription…

There are a few dramas that have piqued my interest (mostly on the j-drama side) but for now, I am watching the OCN remake of BBC’s Life on Mars.


Summer ’17

My thought process right now is a little something like “FML I wish I was a better writer so I could more accurately express all these feelings!!!” and “I NEED TO POST SOMETHING ASAP BEFORE 9-10!!!”. To anyone who actually reads this blog, this is my PSA for the summer: WATCH FOREST OF SECRETS. It might change your life, just saying.

Spoilers up to episode 8, also very text heavy because I was too lazy for images.