A year in dramas (2019).

For the sake of having it documented somewhere, here are the dramas I watched last year. Which feels like MANY years ago because lol corona.

dele *
Tokyo Love Story *
Cold Case 2 *
Fruits Takuhaibin
(anime) Cells at Work! *
(anime) Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san *

Misty *
Chief of Staff (Season 1)
SKY Castle
Touch Your Heart
Should We Kiss First? *
Rescue Me 2

Stove League — Episode 5
Samurai Gourmet — Episode 10
Chief of Staff, Season 2 — Episode 1

TOTAL: 11 (+ 2)
* did not air in 2019.

It’s hard for me to explain why I didn’t watch as many dramas last year, but I certainly started a ton and with all this extra time (lol) I’m finally getting around to finishing them just now. I also kind of, sort of, started watching anime again. The only drama that really captured my heart was Rescue Me 2. Rescue Me was already so good, but this season — if you can even call it that, the only thing it has in common is “religious” cults and Jo Jae-yoon — had levels.

With less than 4 months left in the year (lolllll), so far I’m on track to finish more than 10 dramas this year so… that’s something. Watch this space for more updates 🤪

Them (good) changes.


  • Reno makes me feel 15 and obsessed with Advent Children again (hey, Rude!)
  • Trailer is very choppy and frenetic
  • It’s not turn based :( I love turn based games because it gives me time to come up with a strategy and lose less, lol. Of course not every real time battle system is bad (Kingdom Hearts remains one of my favorites), but I guess I’m just used to the slow life.
  • TIFA (I wish she had her AC look, but whatever. Maybe DLC)
  • Why is Cloud not wearing a dress
  • Don Corneo = Mark Hamill!!

I’ve been avoiding most of the trailers for this game because I want to maintain the surprise, but I couldn’t help it this time. Overall it looks great and I’m happy that this will be my first opportunity to play Final Fantasy 7… ever!