Spring Sampler (2013)

Senyuu Tantei Tokage

Tyyyyypical. The first case was ridiculous; the criminal ended up being a guy that Terashima (Matsuoka Masahiro) arrested a couple years back. Except he got plastic surgery and changed his face. WHAT a cop-out! I’m not impressed. I’m also sure there’s more to the story than “Tokage (Matsuda Shota) left his partner to die”, but I don’t know if I care. I really want to give this show a chance, but so far not good.

Otenki Onee-san

Takei Emi is everywhere! She was also my favorite part of the cluster$%#! that was Taisetsu na Koto. What I love about her character (Haruko) is that she just doesn’t care and it clearly bothers everyone at Morning Z. Keep on doing your thing, girl.

I still don’t understand how weather and mysteries would connect (aside from curiosity, there is no real reason for her to meddle in police business), but anything can be made into a mystery drama these days. The best part of the episode came when the criminal was making an impassioned, remorseful soliloquy about nothing I really cared about and Haruko goes: “Um… can I go home already?” PERF.

Mandate of Heaven

A little more than midway through the episode, I started checking out. It’s not that I’m not interested in continuing the drama, I’m just not in love with the story yet. And honestly, nothing happened. I will say that Rang (Kim Yubin) broke my heart a million times. SHE DOESN’T REALLY HATE U, WON! SHE WANTS 2 BE WITH U FOREVER :( aaaaaaughh father-daughter moments, I’m cry. I’m reserving most of my judgement for the next couple of episodes, since there is a lot more bubbling underneath the surface… like Lee Ho‘s stepmother who maaaaay or may not be a sociopath? I’m really hoping that this doesn’t become yet another sageuk I can’t finish.

And finally: Galileo 2, Soratobu Kouhoushitsu, Yae no Sakura and Queen of the Workplace!

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