Spring Sampler (2013)

Galileo 2

I won’t lie, I watched the first episode because of Osawa Takao’s guest appearance. Residual JIN feelings! As for the episode itself, things didn’t get interesting until his “powers” had an effect on Kishitani (Yoshitaka Yuriko) who is a total rude girl, but is somehow so loveable? I think she’s great. I also really wanted to see all of the hype behind Mr. Galileo (Yukawa) himself, Fukuyama Masaharu. So far he’s just stock to me; an intelligent, eccentric, handsome (?) professor that the rookie heroine doesn’t understand at all. I doubt I’ll be interested in the cases (am I ever?) but I think I may continue for Yoshitaka and whoever this guy is.

Soratobu Kouhoushitsu

I honestly had no idea what this was about when I started watching. I was slightly annoyed with Inaba (Aragaki Yui) because she’s rather self-righteous, abrasive and thirsty for a scoop, but I feel like they’re going to go the “humbling” route for her. Sorai (Ayano Go) is supposed to be someone who doesn’t show his feelings, but you could easily tell he was so uncomfortable/on the verge of tears all episode. It was both endearing and upsetting, hah. I do like the contrast in their personalities (hot-blooded versus quiet), but what was most surprising to me was how much I genuinely enjoyed Soratobu Kohoushitsu. It’s always the dramas I don’t expect a lot out of that turn out to be the ones I can’t wait to watch week after week!

Yae no Sakura

I was immediately taken by how gorgeous it was. I know it’s an NHK taiga drama, but lordy lordy! They really do not spare any expense, and literally everyone you could think of is in this jidaigeki. I was so pleased to see Oguri Shun making an appearance! Ayase Haruka isn’t featuring yet, but little Yae is so adorable and earnest. She just wants to be like her big bro! So far it reads to me as one big history lesson, which is useful considering that I skipped over all that shogunate talk back in AP World History (oops). A fifty episode taiga drama is a lot to sit through, so I think I’ll be watching it in very large chunks. I am absolutely going to finish this! I must!

Queen of the Workplace

Uwah, another Korean drama?! What can I say…

I actually really want to watch this; it looks fluffy and cute, but no subs! I’m real sad about it. KBS World does have a ten minute preview on their YouTube channel, but I couldn’t glean much of a story from it (and it was a little boring, heh).

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